Points to keep in mind while buying used cars

Do you plan to buy a used car for your home or office purpose? Well, buying used cars requires even more deep research. One should go into every depth of the car. Questions can be asked to the owner as to why he is selling the car. People have various reasons for selling. Make sure the answer is justifiable. Get an experienced mechanic to check the car for any defects and damages. Check the overall body of the car for any scratches or dents. Check the tires, pressure and inflation. Check the interior of the car. The roof, seats, mirrors and other controls should be in good condition. Check the steering wheel, brake and clutch. Gear and hand brake should also be tested. Go in to details like locks, AC, radio, CD player, heater, wipers etc. Get the engine checked by a mechanic.

Look if the second hand cars had ever been flooded by checking the pipes. All the fluids of the cars should be checked. Ask for the mileage details and check for the reading of the car. You will know how much the car has travelled. This will affect the price of the car. Also ask about the servicing of the car. Major repairs and service will be recorded for proof purpose.

used cars15Negotiate the price of the car

Do a proper study of the price other dealers and market is offering. Reason out the costs after knowing the condition of the car properly. Make a proper satisfying deal for your money. Know that there are secret discounts for used cars offered by car dealers.

After settling for a price comfortable and agreeable for both parties, make a contract for payment. Go ahead and take the car when all the things about the car satisfy you. Check it out now!