The windshield damage

Every component of the car is vital in making it a best product. There are special tools and techniques used to give the best product in the market which can help people in commuting without any hassle. A Windshield provides structural support to the vehicle and any damage to it must be immediately attended to. The Windshield replacement Houston centres can be contacted to get it repaired or replaced.  There are  two layers of glass in a windshield. The lamination is the inner layer which is said to hold the outer layer in case of any accident. If you ever noticed, you will see that the windshield cracks and does not detach from the vehicle and fall apart. Wondering whether you have to replace or repair your windshield?

There are several factors that decides whether the windshield has to replaced or repaired. If there is any crack, it can be easily repaired. The size of the windshield,  the place of damage, depth and type are the deciding factors for a repair or a replacement of windshield. The technicians will assess and then take a call on it.


Size and Depth

If the chip damage is of about one inch diameter and the crack is about three inches, a repair is possible. Anything higher toit cannot be repaired. However, there are latest technologies that can repair cracks upto 18 inches long.


The technician has to determine which type of crack it it.  Once the crack is found, repair can be done immediately. Single cracks are always easier to repair than multiple cracks.


 A repair or replacement is highly impossible, if the exact location is unfound.  There are high chances of unevenness or discoloration if the technician fails to locate the exact place of damage.

There are several damages that cannot be repaired and a replacement is a must. Here are few cases wherein a repair is highly impossible and replacement has to take place:

  • When the inside of the windshield is damaged, replacement has to take place.
  • If the damages on the both layers of the glass is very deep.
  • If the rain sensor has been damaged
  • If there are ,multiple cracks which are complex in nature
  • If the cracks are very long especially around 18 inches or so. Though, there are technologies. to ensure that repair can take place at this crack level as well, however, it is better to go with a replacement.
  • If there are contaminated cracks
  • The edge of the windshield cracks.
  • There is a crack in the chips.

Hope this article has been informative to you. There are several cases wherein the technician will assess the damage and will suggest you accordingly. You can also check about the total expenses that will occur and the time frame that is required to get the repair or replacement done.  You can also ask for repair service centre who is popular in handling windshield repair and replacement. Do share your feedback with us.