Tips To Consider While Hiring Towing & Transport Service

Availing towing service to transport a wrecked vehicle is a common practice. Seeking the service of a towing and transport company might seem like a simple business but that is not the case. To make sure that your vehicle reaches the service station safe and sound, you need to have industry-specific knowledge for best results. Since emergencies can occur unannounced and at any time of the day, should abide by some tips that would make sure the safety of you and your car in the end.

The following section talks about some useful tips that you can keep in mind while you choose a towing service provider or while jotting down a contingency plan in case of emergencies:

Be aware of your surroundings and provide detailed information to the service provider

In case you are at the dead centre of an emergency, before giving the towing service provider a call, collect as much information about your surrounding as possible. The information should consist of:

  • your vehicle type
  • detailed location of the emergency
  • whether the vehicle has sustained any damage
  • does the vehicle need to be pulled out in case the same is stuck in a ditch, etc?

By providing all the above-mentioned information to the emergency towing service provider, you are making sure that they arrive with the right tow truck and necessary equipment to the scene of an emergency.

Be sure to select a towing service provider has the right towing vehicle in their fleet for the job

When it comes to towing vehicles, it is necessary for you to familiarize yourself with the different categories of the same for best results. The different types of towing vehicles consist of:

  • Flatbed tow trucks
  • hook and chain tow trucks &
  • wheel-lift tow trucks.

It is best to go for a towing service provider that has all the three categories of towing vehicles in their emergency response fleet. One such company that has gained a lot of grounds in terms of successful cases and customer satisfaction is Newcastle Towing and Transport. They have all the forms of towing vehicles in their fleet as they know improper towing can lead to more damages to their client’s car.

Always make sure that you are aware of the fee structure and modes of payment provided by the service provider

Contacting a towing service provider in times of emergencies is always done in haste. It is advised to stay calm and make sure that you are getting all the details from the towing service provider before you hire them for the task. Ask important questions like:

  • the modes of payment they offer
  • their fee structure
  • their area of operation and the likes.

Investing a little time and getting all the necessary information beforehand can save you from a lot of trouble in the later stages.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, be sure that you contact a towing service provider that is popular among its clients (both past and present). Be sure to read in-depth the reviews of the company online so that you can get a better picture of the reputation of the company.