Easy steps for the employees to check their UAN status

Different types of facilities are provided to the employees by the management of the company and here employee provident fund is one of the important facilities for them. This is the best platform of saving their money and this has been created with the purpose of offering the stability or the security to the elderly people. Typically, one person start to contribute this fund when they begin as an employee and this has been made for the purpose of save the employee’s fraction of their salary every month and that will be accessed by their provident number. The PF contributing employees are have the UAN number and this is stands for Universal account number. This UAN will act as the umbrella for the multiple provident number IDs and employee provident fund number. Through this number you can check your uan status of your account.

How to check the UAN status?

The main and important advantages of this UAN number is, this number will not change though you have changed your job because this is valid for lifetime.

  • The first step to view your UAN status is you have to go the EPFO portal. So go and click the EPFO portal by clicking the actual link.
  • Then the second thing is you have to choose the state and the employee provident fund region of the worker from the drop done menu.
  • After you have select the state and EPF region then the first two columns filled in automatically.
  • Then you have to enter the establishment code and to get that code there will be the link to click. So click that link and get your establishment code easily.
  • Once you have got the establishment code then click the status button to check whether the UAN number has allotted or not. You could see the pop up messages that shows that the worker got the UAN allotment or not.
  • Then you have o fill your necessary details and after giving this details click the get pin number button then you will get your pin number on your mobile number which you give to the organization. This is the way of getting your uan status of your account.