The multi-dimensional database can be used to organize data as per your requirements

The source systems like the data warehouses and CRM are obtained from the automated data imports. Different types of popular systems are integrated together with the data diagnostics. The data can be organized exactly as per your requirements by using a multi-dimensional database. The reporting and forecasting can be done only when you design and build the tm1 expert models. You can find the multiple forecast versions in one database based on your actual budget. The users can perform analysis and view reports by using the analytics data which is available on our website. The self-service analysis is offered to all the users through a web browser interface called workspace.

tm1 expertSpeed up the cycle times:

The tables and charts are included in the choice of graphical representation which can be used to deliver the tm1 expert insights. The analysis process and forecasting can be automated through IBM planning analytics. ThStaffroductivity can be improved only if you speed up the cycle times. If there is any change in the market conditions then you should be able to adapt to your business more quickly. The business models can be created easily by using the underlying reporting interface. The self-service tools are available for all the users for the purpose of reporting and analysis in order to make your work easier.

Learn about planning analytics:

The business insight capability and user adoption can boost the ROI by providing ease of use. It may take a few minutes if you have a look at the free trial of the IBM planning analytics. The users have found that it is very easy to follow the self-service designed by our team. The guided tutorials and templates are included in the use-case of business. There are many useful tutorials for the users on our website if they want to learn more about the planning analytics. The dedicated team is required in order to implement the planning analytics by providing a clear scope. The ongoing support is provided by the experts in order to deliver the benefits along their journey.