Warehouse Safety Checklist: What Things Managers Should Review?

The warehouse is the most hazardous place in an industrial organisation. As, here, heavy work operations are carried, big objects are stored along with the hazardous substances present there, many studies and research suggest warehouse is the most threatening place to work. A recent report by the US Bureau of Labor read, in the year 2015, around 2.9 cases of workplace injuries and illness were recorded. This report also said around 5 out of 100 warehouses is not safe to work. So, it is the ethical responsibility of your company to give your employees a safe workplace environment.  Here, in this post, we list the checklist a manager needs to follow for efficient warehouse safety-

 Safety Expectations

As a warehouse manager, it is your whole-sole responsibility to put forth your safety expectations. These expectations should be highlighted in near to the dangerous materials and equipment in the warehouse, such as the hand jacks and the forklifts. Doing this will find out that your employees are continually knowing that there are inherent threats associated with the use of a particular tool or equipment.

Set the Minimum Safety Standards

Setting the safety standards at the workplace is your top priority as a manager, this is crucial to reinforce the expectation you have from our safety concerns. These safety standards are simply the process of letting whosoever enter the restricted warehouse, what are the safety essentials to follow, this includes wearing the important protective wear to avoid injuries.

Periodic Test

Conduct safety quizzes with your employees to check their knowledge of the safety concerns in the warehouse, and what are the possible safety precautions to obey. This is important to create a safety-conscious mindset among your employees. Furthermore, the quiz will serve as an important means to encourage to take warehouse safety seriously.

Installation of Safety Items

Today, there are many safety pieces of equipment and devices in the market to create a safe work environment at the workhouse, and of the most popular employed gear are the safety barriers.

Conduct Safety Sweeps

Being a warehouse manager, it is best to conduct daily, weekly or monthly safety sweeps to troubleshoot all the possible safety hazards in the working area. Tick marks the boxes from the safety checklist to create a safe and healthy ambience for employees. One important thing to look is that the work area is free from potential slip and trip dangers. The working walkway has to free of any obstacles and other potential safety flaws.

Provide Training

It is given as a manager to train each individual professional over the various aspects of safety. Make them aware of the latest safety advancements and threats to curb down even the minutest possible of danger.

Reward Program

It is important to encourage your team to take safety seriously by providing them rewards and reorganization.

Though a majority of the above-listed tips seem simple, they can be complicated to incorporate them. Therefore, you are required to put in the efforts to set up a safe ambience.