Various Parts of a Buckle in a Belt

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Properly speaking, a buckle for the belt is a device that joins two straps. These come with a similar mechanism that attaches one object (generally strap) with the other. There is a wide range of variety of belt buckles for men available in the market but still have one thing in common, as they come with several mechanisms along with moving parts that tend to hold yet can be released easily.

Frame Buckles

The most common buckles in most belts are known as frame buckles. They tend to consist of a square or oval frame on one side and are attached to the end of the strap. Generally, the side of the frame is attached firmly is known as a separate bar. Well, this allows the frame in order to move freely during and after the attachment along with detachment. At times the frame can be easily replaced by a solid plate and the hook tends to become a small hook on the inner end of the frame.

Military Buckles

These are buckles tends to consist of a hollow metal box the will help you to insert a web belt by using two windows in the box. There is a small pivoting strip having teeth that can make the box attached to belt more firmly. So, when the other end of the belt is inserted by using the frame in the box and it can be locked in place by the pin that is permanently trapped inside the frame or the box.

Seat Belt Buckles

Seat Belt buckles for men comes with various metal attachments on both the ends of the belt. Such attachments are generally called the best ones as the attachment fits inside the other. Generally, one end is not attached but also allowed to slide through the hook or the loop in the belt. Also, sometimes the end of the belt is mounted quite firmly to something made up from solid just like in automobiles. However, at times seat belt buckles are on the ends of 2 straps just like in the airplane