Things You Don’t Know About Apex Legends

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There is no doubt that Apex Legends is becoming one of the most adventurous and interesting battle royale games. As the game is more like a team game, you need a strong team to win the matches. Thus it is vital that you gather brilliant Companions for Apex Legends as they are the ones who play a major role in helping you win the battle royale.

Since the time the game was released, it has gained more than 25 million players worldwide. And the numbers are still increasing. With so many users, you most obviously feel like you are lagging behind other players. Therefore, you must know some things about the game that most people don’t.

  • Pathfinder is one of the most agile characters in the game. And it can be used to grapple players. This feature allows the player and its team to use a traverse across the map. Plus the ability grants the players to access the areas which are restricted by other players.
  • Downed Players can walk through the Wraith’s Void. This ability of Wraith allows the player and its team members to connect the void portals and travel between them freely. But if you are down, then you can still access the void portals and get transported to a safe place.
  • Sniper Optics increases Bloodhound’s Tracking Optics. The Bloodhound character has this passive ability which grants them access to see markings on the opponent’s left hand.

Things You Don’t Know About Apex Legends

  • The players can wall hang without any difficulty. As the game’s basics were inspired by Titanfall, the movement and gunplay have been incredibly streamlined. When you run to the side of the walls, you can stick your head out to look over. This is not a complete jump movement but half of it as it allows the person to reach the wall and look over. But remember this move will take a little bit of
  • When you hit a player, it will reveal what level of protective gear they are wearing. The levels are differentiated by colors. Red color means no armor, white means level-1 armor, blue means level-2 armor, purple means level-3 armor, and gold color means level 4 armor which is accessible to the legendary characters.
  • If you find the hidden gear in the game, then you can come across various Apex packs robots hidden throughout the map. But for the Apex packs robots, you have to search deeply and smartly to find the gears. They look just like the packs but if you get closer, then you will see that it is a robot. The robot contains various special items that come in handy in the match.

The reason why apex legends free pc is getting is popular because of the amazing features it has. The doors are breakable, breaking off increases your drop speed, and there are literally many tactics that you can try out to win at the battle royale game.