Muay Thai program have many health benefits

Thailand is a land of a fascinating history that dates back 40,000 years. It is a country of crystal clear beaches, placid rivers, lush jungles and friendly people. Thailand is the jewel of South East Asia. Located in the center of the Indo-Chinese peninsula, it is one of the continent’s premier tourism and travel destinations. Tourists have been flocking to Thailand’s many exotic resorts for years, but recently the western world has begun to wake up to one of the country’s proudest traditions. Last year alone, over 33 million tourists chose Thailand as their travel destination and thousands of them went seeking Muay Thai.

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is a century old close combat fighting tradition emblematic of the Thai people. Muay Thai’s engaging combat style is characterized by rapid strikes performed with fists, elbows, knees, and shins. As a sport, Muay Thai is very demanding and requires participants to be in peak physical form, but in doing so, it provides myriad health benefits to anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

All combat sports can mold and shape individuals and promote good health, but when practiced regularly Muay Thai has been proven to improve the fitness levels of individuals over and beyond expectations. One of the most apparent health benefits appears in the form of a markedly improved cardiovascular performance. Thai boxing is both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and so it puts your entire cardiovascular system to the test. Being able to last a single round, let alone an entire fight of Muay Thai, will put your heart and lungs into overdrive.

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And as other types of aerobic and cardiovascular activities do, Muay Thai will offer you fantastic weight loss opportunities. Such an energy-intensive sport will put your body into a caloric deficit right from the start, so when combined with a sensible nutritional plan, impressive weight loss can be achieved.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see so many people from around the world traveling to Thailand looking to reap the health benefits of Muay Thai. Luckily for them, training camps have identified this demand and are now opening their arms in welcome. Modern Muay Thai training camps offer clean, safe facilities that are equipped with state of the art training equipment and are run by some of the sport’s premier athletes. Some camps are now offering full-service packages that include room and board as well as nutritional meal plans to enhance training and weight loss further.

There are hundreds if not thousands of high-quality training camps in Thailand, so for a tourist new to the country, it might seem like a daunting task trying to decide which camp is best suited for his or her needs. Many people are happy   by Muay Thai boxing camp because there are good prices. It is recommended that thorough research is done before committing to any one particular route. There are plenty of online resources and informative websites available, some run by the training camps themselves; tourism-oriented websites will also be of help. There has never been a better time as a foreigner to come to Thailand and experience the thrill of learning this fascinating sport while at the same time reaping incredible health benefits.