Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Always Traveling Business Person in Your Family

More and more people are becoming required to travel for work nowadays and it can really take a toll on their lives. Here are some gift ideas to help make traveling easier and their lives less stressful.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

New Carryon Luggage and Garment Bag

Every travelling business person should keep a carry on bag packed and ready to go at all times. Whether its for a last minute emergency or simply just to save time, having a carry on devoted simply to business travel is almost essential for traveling business people. Go out and get your family member a new, durable, carry on bag and potentially a garment bag for formal wear. Make sure they know what the purpose of it is, and try to get them to always keep it packed and ready to go only for business. If you want to make it a little fun, throw in a little info from and maybe provide some guides on places your family originated. If they ever have business there, they can check out their heritage.

TSA Approved Toiletries

As airport and TSA restrictions seem to get tighter and stricter every year, help make their lives easier and get them an approved TSA toiletry bag. Check the approved size and get them something strong that will last long. Now they can stop throwing their stuff into a used old sip top bag, and travel like a real professional.

Tablet and Gift Card for E-Books or Small Laptop

Almost anybody who travels for work likes to escape with a nice book. Unfortunately travelling with books is a big pain in the neck. Get them something they will really like and buy them a new e-reader and some gift cards to get them started. Once they read a book, they can save it for later easily or delete it to make space for something new. For those in your family who aren’t big on reading, there are some great travel size computers they can use to download and watch TV shows or movies on. They tend to be really affordable and perfect for travel.

Special Neck Pillow

After spending hours on a flight with a bobbing head, chances are your loved one is going to be tired, cranky and also have a very sore neck. Sleep technology has come a long way over the last decade or so to where neck pillows actually work. Look at some of the newer ones that still fall in your budget and get the best one you can afford. Now your loved family member might be able to enjoy their flights a little more and stress less about being uncomfortable.

New Shoulder bag or Briefcase

Most or all commercial airlines allow a carryon bag and a personal item. These include backpacks, purses, briefcases, etc. As a business person, they are going to need somewhere for their laptop and work supplies. Get them a back that will comfortably fit their stuff, yet not be an inconvenience whilst travelling. Be sure it is big enough for their computer, charger, documents, and other supplies.