Treat Your Sexual Disorder With PT-141

You might have come across with several drugs in the market that claims to treat the problems of sexual disorders in men. These drugs are very effective in treating impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. But, there is no such drug that can treat the condition of Female Sexual Dysfunction. After long year of research and speculation a drug has been introduced that claims to treat female sexual dysfunction by triggering the melanocortin receptors in brains. It is referred as PT-141 or Bremelanotide.

What is PT-141?

Bremelanotide or PT-141 is the generic term for a peptide which is widely used in medical science to treat and improve the condition of sexual dysfunction in men and women. This peptide is very helpful in treating the condition of impotence or erectile dysfunction in men and sexual arousal disorder in females. This substance is designed from tanning peptide Melanotan2 and it is the synthetically developed variant of peptide hormone which is produced by body naturally. This peptide hormone is responsible for stimulating melanogenesis which is an alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. This hormone triggers certain melanocortin receptor in brain and also uses potent influence over appetite, lipid metabolism and sexual libido. This drug shows very effective libido-improving results by triggering the melanocortin receptors MC4R and MC1R.

pt141-15How PT-141 Can Help You?

PT-141 can help you in different ways to treat your ED disorders and sexual arousal disorders in females.

  • It can increase sexual drive in females
  • It increases your ability to become aroused
  • It boost orgasm and sexual climax
  • It helps you enjoy painless sexual activity
  • It helps you to satisfy your partner during intercourse
  • It helps you to overcome the issues of sexual disorders and FSD

PT-141 for Sexual Dysfunction

PT-141 is considered to be the most effective remedy for all types of sexual disorders including FSD, ED, impotence etc. Studies have proven that this drug never works by impacting the vascular system of the users like all other counterparts; instead it works by triggering the melanocortin receptors in brains, thus increasing the sexual stimulation safely. It has been observed that people who are using this drug to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction are experiencing great results with small dosages of it. However, the dosages requirements for female are higher compared to that of males.

What is The Exact Dosages to be taken?

It is not clear yet what is the exact dose people need take. However, it is always recommended that people should consult their healthcare provider before using PT-141 for sexual disorders. Though it is a safe drug for the treatment of sexual disorder, but overdose may lead to some other complications. So, it is always a better option to consult your healthcare provider to know the safe dosages of this drug for treating FSD or erectile dysfunction in men.

Is There any Side Effects?

Well, there are no major side effects still recorded. But, what side effects are associated with PT-141 is not yet clear. It has some minor side effects that alleviate automatically including, headache, nausea, feeling of dizziness etc.