Tips From Professional Home Organizers

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In recent years, many new enterprises have appeared on the home organization market. Home organizers can have special training or even a full-fledged education, or they can have a lot of personal experience to offer families with certain problems. I once watched a television show with a family of six children. His task was to find a way to get to where everyone was supposed to be every morning, with a minimum of pain and suffering. It seemed that the organizer can help.

I’m going to share with you something from what I learned in the program now:

  • Behavior is one of the most important keys to success. You must want things to improve and be ready for change. The whole family must agree to contribute to make it work. If necessary, link the specific consequences to the mismatch with expectations.
  • Make it a team effort. The home organizers can help you identify tasks that each member of the household can accomplish for themselves. Although they are only responsible for one or two pieces of cake, they quickly understand the consequences that everyone can feel if someone does not do their job.
  • Find out where you are wasting your time. Do you make complex breakfasts in the morning? If so, stop. The flakes are really good. Or make a really big breakfast on Sunday and chill or freeze the portions later in the week. It does not take long to heat them in the microwave.
  • Develop a system for “processing” incoming documents. Every Friday my children come home with a lot of paperwork. Immediately check your backpacks and separate what you need to keep (for example, a sheet with the name of each child, for Valentine’s Day cards) or something else.

professional home organizer

Learn what you need to organize from the inside, and learn the basic and simple rules for organizing a house so you can enjoy more time, more space and a better and happier life at home.

Then, even if he later decides to hire someone to help him, he will have more knowledge, he will have a better understanding of the process and, combined with some changes, he will live in a house organized before he finds out.

Professional home organizers have lots of tips that will make your life less complete and less stressful.