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Globe valve is also known as an up-over valve. It is mostly used in throttling operations. These are proven very effective for high-pressure mechanisms and are well suitable for applications having a variable temperature. The body has an opening inside it which is in the form of a seat made for screwing the disc. Its pressure drop is higher as compared to other valves. They are however unidirectional, therefore, should be installed properly. Though the handle of the valve needs to be turned regularly to ensure the valve is on or off. When it is run under high pressure, a large amount of torque is required to shut it down. You can get a globe valves at Blackhawk supply at an affordable price.

Benefits of a globe valve

Benefits of a globe valve

  • Provides an excellent closing feature
  • It is very beneficial for throttling issues
  • It has a short opening-closing duration because of shorter strokes
  • It is easy to do seating for the body ring
  • You can change the shaft and disc connection to use a globe valve as a stop check valve
  • It is very convenient to use and easy to maintain

Blackhawk supply service

In a globe valve, the variation in the opening of the seat directly related to the stroke of the valve. The stem of globe valve has a short stroke; therefore, it proves to be excellent in the regulation of fluid flow. Blackhawk has a huge stock of plumbing tools which are not available in all the hardware stores. We support our customer’s wish and give a response to their questions immediately. A real person from our department is always available to answer customer care calls. All the customer reviews are positive and our website is rated excellent with a 5-star. There is a secure online payment available which is very confidential. We provide quantity discount for specific products and services. Shipping charges will be free for orders over 999$. You can get globe valves at Blackhawk supply online very conveniently.

Applications of a globe valve

A globe valve is suitable for demanding situations. It performs very well in pipeline suffering from frequent strokes, vacuum and even the system which has a wide range of temperature.

These are suitable for all Fluids including gas. However, they must not be used for high purity system as their cavities can cause contamination. So use your globe after considering your purpose.