How to force quit application on Mac system

One of the most general problems faced by several numbers of Mac computer users is a crashing application. The crashed programs completely irritate you than low laptop batteries and a slow internet connection. When the individuals are using mac systems for the commercial purposes, the crashed and unresponsive programs are totally irritating to all. At the same time, it will slow down your work and production in the organizations. Thus, it is highly necessary to force quit on mac applications that are not responding.

Using keyboard shortcuts:

Quitting a crashed or unresponsive program on the mac computer is very simple with the help of the different keyboard shortcuts. Usage of keyboard shortcuts to close the mac application that doesn’t respond to the user’s action is the basic but the easiest way to do.

  1. In order to quit the crashed application, you have to press Option + Command + Escape button simultaneously. On you mac system keyboard, you can find a command button on the bottom left, alt/option button next to the command button, and escape button on the upper left corner.
  2. By pressing down this simple keyboard short cut, your mac system will pop-up a force quit app window.
  3. This pop-up window will show you a complete list of currently running applications.
  4. The program which shows not responding information is the one that has crashed.
  5. You need to select that particular crashed program, and then click force quit button.
  6. Once you completed these steps, your mac computer will close that unresponsive application immediately within a few seconds.


Other three methods to quit mac:

Force quit using Dock – Another simple way to force quit on mac system is using the dock. The users just have to hold option key and then right click on your application. Your mac computer will immediately direct you to a small window with some necessary options. From this small window, you need to select force quit button and your system will forcibly close the application that is not responding to your actions.

Using activity monitor – In order to quit any unresponsive program on your mac system, you can open activity monitor window and select a particular program you wish to quit. Then, click on the force quit button to forcibly close your application as fast as possible.

Force quitting using Apple menu – When you fail to quit an unresponsive mac application and then don’t worry. You can make use of the Apple menu to simply and forcibly close an application immediately. To do it, follow these simple steps.

  1. You can find Apple logo at the upper left corner of the Mac screen and click on that icon.
  2. By clicking on Apple icon, your mac system will load a specific drop down list with several options.
  3. You have to choose the force quit button from this drop down menu.
  4. After that, you will get a force quit app window. In this window, you have to select the unresponsive program and click on force quit button to quickly close it.